A Fiddler, A Horse Farm and a Harvest of Ice: A Short History of the Dixie Corridor

From Native Americans to tourists and from stage coaches to motor cars, the Dixie Corridor, running from Pontiac to the Genesee County line, has had an amazing history. Beginning as a Native American earthen path and developing into a concrete thoroughfare, the Saginaw Trail has been a critical route for over 500 years. The captivating history of 23 miles of this historic trail which is now known as the “Dixie Corridor" is remarkable.                                                                                                    

Join us for this free event and learn about the people, places and events that were part of this rich history.

Program Date:   Saturday April 21, 2018 2:00 PM

Registration Open Now: Register online HERE OR call 248-669-8108 x103